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Apple Quick Time

Apple Quick Time is one of the most popular ways of bringing virtual reality to the WEB.

Browser Test

Test your browser for comptability. From the University of Arkansas.

Classical Midi Archives

The Classical Midi Page is a great source of midi files and they are free.

Digi Cash
Digi Cash provides a means of allowing customers to purchase products and services through the Internet in a safe and secure manner.


Internic is in charge of domains on the Internet. Here you can register a domain or research and see if the one you want is available

The List

The List allows you to search for ISP's all over by a number of search criteria


Macromedia is the home of Shockwave. If you are interested in Java, you can also download free applets from here too.


NetMechanic will run a test to check your website for errors and it's free. Simply type in the url, and it sends you an email. The email contains a url that shows the results of the test on your website.


Perl is essential to cgi web programming. Here is their official website.

Sound Advice

The compainion web site to a good book dealing with sound on the web.

Sun Microsystems' Guide to Web Style

Sun is a true leader in the world of the Internet. They not only make a lot of the systems that are used as web servers, but are also the creators of JAVA. Don't forget to check out their main WEB page.

A good place to start on Virtual Reality

Web Developer

Seems everyone needs help keeping up with the latest in web page develeopment. Here is a site you might find handy.

WEB Developers Virtual Library

Specializing in WEB page development. This place has everything.

WEB Reference

Another Web Reference site that covers just about anything you can imagine. It includes a handy search feature.

William Strunk's The Element of Style

Good writing is one of the most common things that are overlooked in writing a web page. Just look at mine!