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These are simply listed in alphabetical order.

Bug Net

The computer age is plagued with bugs. Bug net reports them and offers comparisons on programs, and how well their companies deal with bugs.

Computer Currents

Computer Currents publishes "FREE" computer newspapers that are distributed in major metropolitan areas. Their issues are sensitive to the area theyare distributed in. They have some of the best articles. One of the great features of this site is it's net quites. You fill out a form telling what you are looking for, and price range, and they send it out to vendors to bid on. I saved 40% on a hard drive upgrade to my laptop.


With most laptops, you can send faxes by printing them to the microsoft fax, but when you are in a hotel room, you can not use it to receive. Efax.com allows you to receive faxes and voice mail even from a hotel via the web and it's free.

Encylopedia Britanica

GIST TV Listings

GIST TV Listings. So say better even than the TV GUIDE!

Hot Office

Allows an office that is spread out to keep in touch, with everything from calendar to document sharing.


KPIX is the local CBS stations for both radio and TV. They put up the pix page, to cover local news.


Microsoft certainly the most popular producer of software. This is the place to get the latest service packs (bug fixes) to Win'95/98/2000/NT, Word, Access, Excel...etc. Microsoft also produces the Internet Explorer.


Another Free Newspaper done very well and dedicated to the computer industry.


Still the worlds best web browser in many ways. The Netscape home page also has a wonderful collection of search engines.

Personal Accuweather

Get the latest weather for your area or an area you want to visit.

Renaissance Faire

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is a real treat each year. This year we brought our kids and they loved it. Next year we plan to dress up. They hold these faires all over.

Strouds Consummate
Winsock Applications

Strouds is the place to get the latest Internet Programs. They have everything, and it is neatly laid out in different progam categories. They also do a wonderful job of rating them. Strouds always has the latest virus free software for immediate download.