Travel and Photography

Travel and photography see to go together. oso really ejoys photography more than the travel. He is not a professional as you can see, but enjoyes it just the same. Most of these pictures were taken with a Nikon camera with Kodak film. I prefer 400 speed film.


Yosemite is one of my very favorite spots on earth. I feel so lucky to live only a few hours away. It is one of the few places where I can get away and forget about work. For me it is really Gods country. When we go, we like to stay in private cottages that are rented out. It's called the Redwoods.


I was born in Frankfurt Germany in an Army hospital. My mom returned with me back to the United States before I was even two years old. I have no recolection of that time, but growing up I always knew I was born there. I dreamed of returning to Germany and wondered what it must be like. I envyed those that were fortunate to go. It seemed to unfair that they got to go and there weren't even born there. In high school I hoped to be an exchange student, but it never worked out. Each year of high school and three consectuive years of college, I studied German. No one ever tried to learn a language as hard as I did, and no one ever had the difficulties I did!

In January of 1994 at the age of 33, I finally got my chance to return to my country. Sure I am an Ameican, but there was always a hole in me that was my German roots. That trip filled that hole. It was certainly worth the wait. My kids were really too young to remember so they stayed here with their grandparents. My wife and I headed back to my homeland for our seven day adventure (loosing one day to travel).

Naturally I read about every travel book known to mankind, but the one i use most by Written by Rick Steves. He wrote Europe through the Back Door and other great travel books. He did a series on PBS. We highly reccomend him.

Now I hadn't studied German in about 8 years, and in this area the opportunity to speak it rarely comes up. So I bought a phrase book, and read it from cover to cover on the flight over. I only had to look up one word during the entire time. We were in small village in Austria and I had a dinner of sausage, potatos...and I wanted some mustard. I could not figure it out. I tried germanizing it, i tried to describe it...nothing! I finally had to look it up.

While in the plane I learned they had real German beer, not the watered down imports they sell here. I knew I should NOT drink alchol, but the desire to try famous German beer was just too much. Naturally this was a mistake, and I was exhausted, yet could not sleep. Listen to them when they say "Don't drink alchol on long flights!".

Anyway...we had a wonderful time, and I'll tell you about the rest latter.

The Lone Pine

That classic view from Pebble Beach California. The Lone Pine

Donner Lake

Located near Lake Tahoe, I preffer Donner Lake. It is beautiful, clean, very uncrowded and the fishing is great!


My wife carmen and her family were all born in Peru. Her grandfathers were from Canton China and her grandmothers were Peruvian Indian. These photos are from our trip. Carmens first return to her country since she had gotten married. She returned with oso, our daughter Lila and was pregnant Ceci. I never felt more welcome and feel lucky to be part of their family. These are pictures of the country, you can see the pics of our family in the Family Album.

Yes, yes I went to Peru and did not visit Macchu Picchu. We went to vist family and friends not sight see.


Sacramento is the capital of the state of California. The capital building is especially beautiful at night.