Music asks nothing execpt that we listen

One of my greatest joys is that both Lila and Ceci study music. Both play piano. Ceci studied classical guitar for a short time and now also studies Trumpet. Lila studied flute for a short time.

We like to get together with our neighbor Paul and play songs together. Paul plays almost any instrument, and I play bass. The girls join in singing, playing keyboards and any percussions we need. It is great fun!

Favorite types of Music

Rock N Roll (Especially Classic Rock)

As I have gotten older, I have learned to be more appreciative of music. I can even appreciate some rap music. The two types of music that I really don't care for very much are Jazz and Country. I am learning to like some Jazz, such as Swing, but I don't think I will ever like Country!

Favorit Rock Artists or Groups

John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Ringo Star
Elton John

...those are my absolute favorites but these are great too...

Chuck Berry

There is really nothing like live music

I've been lucky to see the folloiwng major acts

Paul McCartney
Chuck Berry
Ringo Starr
Jerry Lee Lewis
Little Richard
Elton John
Moody Blues
Jefferson Starship

The greatest thrill I ever had was at a Paul McCartney Concert. For years I had always felt like I had missed out on what people must have felt at a Beatles concert. The First time I got to see the movie "Let it Be" on a big screen I got to tap into that feeling during the concert scene on the roof top. The next time I could feel it was at the Broadway show Beatlemania. In each case, I could only begin to feel the excitment, but when I went to my first (of two) Paul McCartney Concerts at the Great Western Forum in LA, Paul went into a set of Beatles songs and I felt the magic. When I left the concert I no longer felt I had missed out.

One of my favorite concerts to attend is Ringo and his All Starr Band. Both times I have had the pleasure of seeing him at the Concord Pavillion which is my favorite concert facility. They have not only assigned seats but a lawn section which is great for brining the family and having a picnic.

Ringo is one of the most popular musicans and what he does is get a bunch of legends together to form a band. In the show they each take a turn playing their greatest hits. It's like getting 4 concerts all rolled into one. The first time I went with my brothers and sisters. We sat in the second row, center stage. Ringo had the following line up:

It was fantastic. I even caught the guitar pick of the guitarist from Grand Funk Railroad when he flicked it into the audience. I think my sister Becky still has it.

The second time I went, I brought the family and we sat on the lawn. There were other families with little kids. They we all excited and all the girls screamed when Ringo came out, just like it was with the Beatles. They were all so cute. This time the lineup was:

It great listening to all of the old Cream Songs. Jack Bruce is incredible. He plays a fretless bass and uses only one finger to stum the bass string, but that finger is going a mile a minute! Eric Clampton was the lead guitar for Cream, but Peter Frampton is one heck of a good replacement. Listening to Peter Frampton play is own songs was fantastic as well.


Currently my favorite radio station is KSAN 107.7 or on the net via RealPlayer. is also a great way to listen to radio stations all over the world

KSAN just changed it's name to "The Bone" but are still playing that same great Classic Rock. It changed the day I wrote this, so we shall see how it goes.