Reginald Winthrop Benson III and the Oakie

Reginald Winthrop Benson III and the Oakie

Reginald Winthrop Benson III is a ham who always conducted himself in a prim and proper manner, but when the time came to repair the clubs packet repeater it required the help of the club Oakie named Leroy. Reginald picked up Leroy at 10am. Once in the car Leroy asked Reginald if he had gotten the directions. He indicated that he had, and that the factory that carried the part they needed was near the 183 freeway. Leroy chuckled, he knew, as usual Reginald had no clue where they were going.

When it became clear that they were lost, Reginald said "Not to worry, I'll just call for directions on the radio." He turned on the CB to Channel 17, cleared his throat, keyed the mike and spoke. "Break break channel 17. Can any of you fine gentlemen of the Citizens Band lend us some assistance? My handle is El Presidente." With that one of the truckers responded, "Did you hear that rookie?" Another answered "That old cout sure is a big bad of wind".

Reginald was alarmed and hurt. Leroy just smiled. Once again he keyed the mike. "Sirs, I'll have you know that I am licensed by the FCC as an amateur radio operator, and I am no rookie!" One trucker responsed "Kiss my #$$". Another commented, "()*&*$^$#% ^$%#*^ *&*& #$@@@!". Reginald was quick to respond. Furiously he keyed the mike "According to FCC regulations, it is unlawful to use vulgar language on the radio. You can get in big trouble!" Reginald had broken out into a sweat. He looked over at Leroy and said "I sure showed them, didn't I?". Leroy chuckled.

The trucker came back, "Why don't you #$#$%#@ *&#$$# ^$%#^$# &(#%^$#@, and if I get my hands on you I'm going to squeeze that pimple you call a head". Reginald was stunned. He didn't think that what the trucker told him to do was physically possible even with the tools he suggested.

With a twinkle in his eye, Leroy took the mike from the limp hand of Reginald. He winked at Reginald keyed the mike and with his bet southern drawl he called out "Break channel 17. Do any of you scum bags know how to get to the %$^#^$% radio parts factory. The response was as expected. "Sure thing good buddy".