Lid of the Year

Lid of the Year

Now we all know who the "Ham of the Year" is and we know just how well it is deserved. This goes to the person who always uses good manners, remembers to sign off, always lends a helping hand and goes out of their way to volunteer for every good cause, always giving 100%. It is just another case of how our society gives everything to the privileged elite while neglicting the humble masses. How of underprivileged in our society. Shouldn't they be recognized too?

People don't realize just how difficult it is to ramble on and on spewing out meaningless dribble, when you know someone is desperately waiting to ask for directions. How many times have we neglected to give proper recognition to someone who asked "Why do golf balls have those little dimples?" stepping all over the Elmer who is trying to make sure his novice friend has grounded his rig properly so that he doesn't get electrocuted. Just think of how miserable life would be if the clubs most frequent jammer didn't complain that a form on the last news letter didn't leave enough room between lines so that he could fill it out using a crayon.

It's about time these people get their recognition too! Why should they get a certificate and the fame they deserve.

Well a few of us have decided that the time has come. As of today anyone can vote for the "LID OF THE YEAR" and it's free. (After all the club is here to spend money for the benefit of non-club members only.) Just pick up that phone and dial 1-800-LID-POLZ to place your vote on our "LID OF THE YEAR" poll.

Well that's all for this issue, now that I am at my present location. Are you?