Sex, Drugs and Computers?

Sex, Drugs and Computers?

I get the order to install a computer system in an adult motel in Nevada. They saw our system at the trade show convention and really liked it. They have a computer system, but don't like it. Nothing unusual there. We replace a lot of systems. They have new managers and have stopped using the system. Now this is a little odd. They have a computer system, but arenít using it. Hmmm, a thought in the back of my mind.

While Iím driving up, Iím thinking of all of the sleazy adult motels Iíve driven by in my past, and sort of dreading the whole affair. I finally pull in and much to my surprise, it isn't sleazy at all, it is real nice. What do you know, an upscale adult motel. So here I am registering ALONE in an adult motel. The strange looks make me feel uncomfortable. Wondering what they are thinking. Did he decide to treat himself? As I start to leave the lobby for my room, a car pulls up. A lady is driving. There is a guy in the passenger seat. They are about forty-five years old; the guy is blind folded. The lady has a big smile on her face; it is there anniversary. She leads him to the room blind folded. How neat.

First thing I notice in my room is that there is no desk. Guess business people donít come here often. The lighting isnít very bright either. As I unpack, I notice a blue velvet bag in the drawer. Many times a hotel will leave me a bottle of wine or something to greet me, but this doesnít seem quite right. I notice it is a Royal Crown bag, but there is something else in the bag. I open it. There is a plastic baggie of marijuana, papers and a roller. At that moment I remember that possession of marijuana in Nevada is a felony. All I could think of was the adult motel getting raided, and me from California getting caught, trying to explain that the marijuana is not mine. I immediately call the front desk and bring the bag down there. Later my office manager would get real mad at me for not saving it for her.

I wake up the next morning, only to be scared out of my wits by the crowd that is in my room surrounding me. My mind is cloudy, but everywhere I turn they are looking straight back at me. What the hell is going on? Then I realize. There are mirrors everywhere and since the are across from each other, even the mirrors on the ceiling are titled to catch the reflections from the mirrors on the walls, each has an infinite number of reflections of me! Not a pleasant sight first thing in the morning. Thought those guys looked familiar.

Well the real surprise is that the next day. The husband is doing fine, but the wife seems to have a million excuses why she canít work on the computer, including she was moonlighting at a department store and couldnít stay even though she was the resident manager. That evening the managers announce their resignation. The wife hates computers and refuses to use them. No wonder they werenít using the current one. Oh well, just another day in the life of a computer guy.