The Bear Family

Carmen tricked Ed into gettin married on March 3, 1985 (She told him she was rich). Carmen was born in Lima Peru on July 27, 1953, sometime after fire was discovered. She is half Chinese (her Grandfathers came over from Canton China) and half Peruvian Indian, and 100% wonderful.

Ed Bear was born December 28, 1960 in an army hospital in Frankfurt Germany. "I was born in the army and knew enough to never go back." He has both a mother and a father, which made the birth a lot easier (unless you ask his mother).

Lila Mary Bear (The first accident) was born on October 17, 1987. Her middle name should be hesitation as Carmen was in labor for 18 hours. Lila goes to school, studies piano, swims like a fish and speaks Spanish.

Mariacecelia Sing Bear (The little terror!) was in a real hurry to be born (less than two hours of labor, good thing I brought the catchers mitt), on January 27, 1990. She enjoys fighting with her sister, beating up boys bigger than her (with her father's blessing). She watches cartoons, studies classical guitar, swims and speaks both Spanish and Mock Chinese.

The above is a music video of the two girls. The file is 1.6MB.

P.S. Both of the Outlaws live with us, too. Edgardo and Lina Sing.