EBARC History

Looking Back...Potpourri

From the Blown Fuse Summer 1977


Good news for you two-meter enthusiasts. A new repeater will soon be on the air in the Bay Area. The repeater is a product of the newly formed Contra Costa Communications Club of San Pablo.

(historian's note: The next line of the article tells the location of the repeater. For security reasons I will leave that out.)

The repeater will offer autopatch facilities as well as good coverage. The FCC has yet to assign the repeater a call.

From the August 1977 Blown Fuse


The Federal Communications Commission has, effective June 12, 1977, lowered the minimum age for volunteer examiners from 21 to 18 years. All other conditions still apply --Worldradio

From the October 1997 Blown Fuse

An excerpt from the message of president Steve Dodge, K6ZR

The club station approaches reality. Permission has just been granted to erect antennas at the club. A working party is planned for Saturday Oct. 1, which we realize may have come and gone before you get this issue of the BLOWN FUSE, so perhaps we will be on the air within a month.

From the November 1977 Blown Fuse

FLASHLIGHT "CW" SAVED EIGHT after the 37-foot yacht El Arca ran aground on Round Reef off the Virgin Islands shortly after dusk September 3. With no radio, the owner-captain aimed his flashlight toward shore and blinked a distress message that was spotted by KV4FZ. Herb alerted Civil Defense, Coast Guard, and REACT who immediately mounted a successful rescue effort.