How you can become a ham, too.

How do I become a ham?

Amateur radio operators are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission after passing tests. One type of test deals with the operating rules and basic technical aspects of radio communications. The entry level theory tests are not difficult. You don't need a technical background to understand the material.

If you wish to use frequencies that can be heard around the wold, you must also pass a test that shows you understand Morse code. The entry level test is sent at the slow speed of 5 words per minute, and most people pass after about two months of practicing 15 minutes a day. Some people practice while driving. One four year old even managed to pass the entry level code test!

Our club offers free classes throughout the year to help you get started. Some of us also officiate at test sessions. Please call us to find out when and where the next class will be held.

What is the East Bay Amateur Radio Club?

EBARC is a non-profit, community service organizations comprised of Eas Bay amateur radio operators.

We meet at &:30 p.m. the second Friday of each month at the Albany Senior Center with a guest speaker on some topic related to ham radio.

We maintain a permanent radio station at the Richmond Red Cross.

We teach classes for prospective hams and for current hams wishing to upgrade their licenses.

We help with communications in case of disasters, and keep in pratice by helping at various public events.

Please visit us at a meeting, call (510) 233-7509, or write to: Post Office Box 1393 El Cerrito, CA 94530.

You may also contact us at