Photo Album of Mary Jean (Grimm) Bear

Mary, Charles and Son Jim

Charles McGriff Bear and wife Mary Jean (Grimm) Bear

Mary Bear and son Jim with their Model A

James Edward Bear with Dad Charles McGriff Bear out on a Stream

Jimmy and Dad at Silver Creek

Jimmy on his bike (it still has the fenders)

Jimmy on his bike again, notice the abalone shells

Eastern Star

Mary as Matron at Eastern Star - Janie Instaliation Night Nov 14 1957

Mary at what appears to be an Eastern Star Skit

Mary as Matron at Easter Star - Matron Patron Star Point & Warden of 1958

Work at the Tribune

Mary worked for the Oakland Tribune, here are her workmates

Mary at a party for work

Life as Grandma

Charles "Puzz" Bear gets married to Joyce

Christine Bear

Hank Bear?

Joyce and Christine at the River

Christine helps Daddy (Puzz) Cook at the Campsite

Christine in the Yard

Christine still in the Yard

Mom (Joyce), Hank and Christine

Marian and Bonnie

Baby Bonnie

Hank, Christine and Grandpa Charles McGriff Bear

Grandma Mary Bear and Hank, Christine, Bonnie and Nancy

Christine and Mary

Hank and Mary Ruth

Laura and Jim with Charles and Mary Bear in Venice Italy

Edward James Bear

Christine taking care of Mary Ruth in Carriage

Grandma Mary with Hank, Mary Ruth and Christine

Allen, Son of Hank, Son of Puzz

Ed Bear

The Moms Marian and Joyce in back, Nancy, Bonnie, Don, Christine, Puzz and Hank

Proud mom and her baby


July 1967 Eddie, David and Mommy Bear (pregnant with Bob) meet Mickey Mouse at Disneyland

Eddie and David at Disneyland

Laura, Eddie, Jim and David Bear on the train at Disneyland

The only time Mary Bear could drive!


Aug 1967 Susans birthday - first time my mom bought a bday cake instead of making one. it was the shape of a rocking horse and had lifesavers on it. We were eating it on our new picnic table. There is still on awning off the back entrance, and no Young berry (a form a black berry) vines along the wall.

Susans birthday with cousin Nancy on the right

Jim, Ed, Dave the pool

Ed and Dave out in front of the house in Glendora (So Cal). When we finally moved back to Northern California, the Palm Trees in the back were full grown.

David Bear out front in Glendora. The bush on the far right of the photo was in front of the window of our room.

Kids in the pool in Glendora

Laura Alice Bear, Ed, Dave, Susan and baby Bob in Glendora Calif

Becky hunts for Easter Eggs in Pleasant Hill. The furniture in the background is the family Telefunken Stereo. In the family since I (Ed) can remember

Donny gets Married

Wedding of Don and Kathy Bear - Mark and Nancy (Bear) Brown, Bonnie, Don, Kathy, Don, Marion and her mom Mrs. Banton and Mary Bear

Mary and the lovely bride Kathy Dian (Higgins) Bear

Carol on her wedding day with her Grandma Mary

Laura holding Jennifer (Hanks daughter), Becky, and David

front - James Edward Bear, Susan, middle - Becky, back - David, Laura and Bob

left to right: Laura, Jennifer, Allen and Mary

Susan Alice Bear

back - Jim, Bob and David, center Becky, bottom - Susan and Mary Bear

Don Bear, Mary, Marian and her mom Mrs. Banton

Christmas in Pleasant Hill, CA

Becky's first communion

Christmas - Susan, Laura and Becky gets a bike!

Becky and Susan

Grandma gets a bottle of Champange for Christmas

Dad gets booze too from Ed. Ed did some work in exchange for some booze

Jim, Susan, Dave, Bob, and Becky while Laura opens present at Xmas

Becky in front of the fireplace in Pleasant Hill Ca

Bob, David, Ed, Susan and Becky in front

Becky and her mom Laura in front of new VW Vanagon at 409 Craven Ct in Hayward. Home of Mary Bear

Laura, Becky, Susan Grandma Mary Bears House

Dave, Jaun, Ed, Jim, Grandma Mary, Susan, Becky and Laura

Same pic, but mom takes the picture and this time Bob is in it

Neighbor and kids in Pleasant Hill with Laura and Becky

Bob makes the papers

Jim shows map with his Fudge Kettle installations


Mom and Becky at Yosemite

Dad and Becky at Yosemite

Laura Bear at Inspiration Point in Yosemite

Susan at Yosemite

Bob and Ruth Visit

Bob and Ruth from back east visit. Bob always the gentleman helps his sister-in-law Mary with her coat

Carol, Allen, Bonnie, Jim and Nancy

Life as a Great Grandmother

Bride Carmen, Grandma Mary and Groom Ed Bear

Easter and 4 generations of Bears

Don, Marion and Mary Bear

Laura, Jennifer and her mom

Mary her Grandkids Bob and Christine. The Milk truck in the back. Uncle Don used to work for Carnation for many years. Later on his nephew Hank, got into the Business and as you can see from here so did

Mary Bear and her Great Grandkids Allen and Jennifer

The three sons of Mary and Charles Bear - Puzz, Jim and Don

Joyce and Puzz toast Marys 80th birthday, their Grandson Allen in the back on the right taking a picture

Susan, Bob, Jim, Carmen, Ed and Grandma Mary Bear at her 80th Birthday

Hanks wife, Bonnie and Hank Bear

Bonnie, Carol and Allen Bear

Xmas at Grandma Mary Bears - Susan, Bonnie, Becky and Don

Becky rides her golf cart in Fairfield CA

Ed, his Grandam Mary, Mom Laura and Friend George

Becky and her Mom Laura

Carmen and sister-in-law Becky Bear

Carmen, Ed, Mary, Laura and George


Mark Brown and dog

Becky and her Grandma Mary Bear play out on the back porch Hayward Ca

Becky and Grandma

George and Christine at Ed's house

Mrs Banton, Marian, Nancy and Grandma

Bob in the Marines

Bears Warehouse in Franklin PA