Bearfamily Photo History

Sarah (McFeaters) McCracken

The above picture shows the earliest descendant of the Bear family, Sarah (McFeaters) McCracken. Located at the bottom row on the left. She was born in 1824 in Northern Ireland. Born Sarah McFeaters, she married George McCracken of Glassgow Scotland, and raised their family in Oil City, PA. This picture contains four generations. To her right is her Great Grandson Charles McGriff Bear, and her Grand daughter Sarah (McGriff) Bear. At the top is her daughter Isabelle (McCracken) McGriff. This picture was taken in 1907. Sarah lived her final years in Oil City Pa.

Samuel Johnston and Isabelle (McCracken) McGriff

Born Isabelle McCracken June 4, 1857 in Cochranton, PA, she married Samuel Johnston McGriff. Samuel was born July 18, 1852 in Greenville PA. Together they had Norman J., Mammie and Sarah Gertrude McGriff.

Sarah Rebecca (Phillips) and John Bear

Sarah Rebecca Phillips married John Bear (born about 1860) in Cooperstown, PA and had three children: Henry Alfred, Amanda and Leona M. As you can see we have no picture of John Bear, but do have his signature. This was taken from the guest book at the wedding of his son Henry Alfred to Sarah McGriff in 1905. You can see that he corrected a miss-spelling of his last name from Beer to Bear. Sara passed away in 1911 and John in 1908.

Henry Alfred and Sarah Gertude (McGriff) Bear

Sarah Gertrude McGriff was born on January 10, 1878 in Jamestown, PA. Henry Alfred was born in 1879 in Franklin, PA. Henry servered in Company "D" of the United States Army and was sent off to the Spanish American War. Henry and Sarah married April 12, 1905 in Olean New York. Henry worked for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Henry and Sarah had five Children: Charles McGriff, Mary Isabelle, Robert Henry, Arthur Donald and Chester Phillips. Henry passed away in 1952, and Sarah in November of 1968.

While we have quite a number of pictures of Henry and Sarah, even with their children seperately, this is the only one we have of the two together.