Don and Marian Bear

Hayward California

First Date

Getting Started
Marian at the Beach on a date
Don at the same Beach on the same date
Married at the Alter
At the alter with Jim Bear on the right
Out in front of the Church
Cutting the Wedding Cake
Cutting the Wedding Cake with Mary Jean Bear
Cutting Cake with Bear and Banta Parents
A stop on their Honeymoon. Look at the great old cars
Marian, Boulders and Water
Don in front of the Sawdust Corner
Marian in front of the Sutro Tunnel
Marian in front of Coffee Shop

Parents and Dog
Charles Mc Griff and Mary Jean Bear on a Swing
Mary Jean Bear with her Fur
Charles Mc Griff Bear with Freckles
Don and Marian
Don and Freckles

The Family
Proud Grandpa Charles Bear and Bonnie
Don, Marian and Freckles out by the Car
Proud Grandma Mary Jean Bear and Bonnie
Uncle Jim and Bonnie
Proud Dad Don and Bonnie
Feeding time
Proud Mom Marian holding Bonnie
Proud Great Grandma Grimm and Bonnie
Bonnie and Don on the Couch
Bonnie and Great Grandma Grimm
Bonnie climbs up to see Mommy
Bonnie in the Rocking Chair
There is more than one way to go up steps
Carrie Grimm out in the Yard
Carrie Grimm in a chair on the porch
Bonnie and a White Pickett Fence
Carrie Grimm, Great Grandkids and Son in law Charles Mc Griff Bear
Mary Jean Bear and Nancy
Baby Nancy!
Nancy sits in a chair
Marian, Mom Banta and kids
Grandma Banta
Freckles runs the Family Business
Marian, Bonnie and Nancy
Bonnie, Christine and Nancy
Nancy and Bonnie at Christmas
Bonnie, Great Grandma Grimm and Nancy
Nancy and Bonnie...Xmas
Great Grandma Grimm and Nancy
Grandma Bear, Christine, Hank, Bonnie and Nancy at the Cabin
Don is Hard at Work
Visiting the Neighbor (left), Mary Jean and Charles Bear
Building the Porch at the Cabin
The family is complete, Marian, Don holding Donny, Bonnie and Nancy
Bonnie and Nancy with Grandma Bear
Marion and Donny

Don on a Pony
Donny on a Pony
Bonnie on a Pony
Nancy on a Pony

Family out in front
On a ride
Same ride
Donny, Bonnie, Nancy and Marian in front of a train
Motor Boats
Tihitian Terrace

Visting the Southern California Bears in Glendora
Donny - The Jet Setter
The Family of Jet Setters
Eddie in back yard Picnic Table
Donny tubing in the pool
More fun in the pool
Donny, David, Grandma and Eddie
Donny in the pool, Eddie it works better in the water
Donny rides the sea horse
Splashing about in the pool
Laura Alice (Gammell) Bear fixing a hole in the wall
Diving in the pool
Ready for anything
Susie, Ed in the Lounge Chair and Donny Pushing
Donny and Susie Lounge and Eddie Pushes
Pool fun

Family Grows Up
Donny's Little League Team
The Slugger
Puzz and Don's Family at the River
Marian Graduates
The Graduate with Mary Bear, Mom Banta and the family
Bonnie and Nancy
The family at a Celebration
Puzz and Joyce
Surf Plays the Piano
Nancy's Bug in the Snow
Donny Graduates
Donny still Graduates
Ralph, Donny and Friends
Don and Marian

Nancy and Mark Brown's Wedding
Nancy pins Mom
Nancy before the Wedding and Excited
Dad gives the Bride away
The Wedding
Cutting the Cake
Donny, Don, Bonnie, Nancy and Marian
The Family with their new Son-in-law
Mark's Family with thier new Daughter-in-law
Bonnie and Nancy
Mark and His Buddy

Back to the Family
Marian Painting
The House as most of us remember it
Visiting the Pleasant Hill Bears (formerly SoCal Bears) with Sadie and Luther
Don clowns around
Bonnie in Pleasant Hill
A Wedding with Laura and Becky on the left, and Puzz on the right
Jim and Daughter Becky Bear Dancing
The Three Brothers Jim, Puzz and Don
The Three wives Laura, Joyce and Marian
Becky is happy she found the cake
Jim Bear, Christine (Bear) Harris and Gerry Grimm
Bonnie, Marian and Aunt Ruth during a back East Visit 1999