Mary "Susan" (Bear) Bickus Photo Album

Fred and Susan (Bear) Bickus

3rd from left is Henry Alfred Bear
Fred Bickus's Golfing in Scotland. This is his favorite picture. In fact, it is his wall paper on his home computer.
Dr Cyndi Bear (Dr Bob's wife), Sally Ames, Nancy Serra and Ruth Bear
Gus Serra, Dr Bob Bear, David Ames
Tom Ames, Gus Serra, and Andrew Phillips Bear
Susan, Ruth and Jennifer Bickus
Sharon (Bickus oldest) and Jack Colker
Jessica and Ryan Colker
Ryan Colker
Henry Alfred Bear March 1898
Henry Alfred Bear
Henry's sisters Amanda and Leona
Henry Alfred Bear on the right (Tin type of photo)
Henry Alfred Bear (Center)
Henry Alfred Bear at Rockmore on a two week camping trip. Henry is on the very left. Close up.
Henry Alfred Bear somewhere...suits hanging off a cliff. Best guess is that he is here in the center. Notice the fellow on the right is holding on to a tree branch.
Henry Alfred Bear 2nd from right. See note bottom right of the picture. Here is a closeup.
Isabelle McGriff
Isabelle McGriff and Hubby 1938. Just look at the expressions on their faces. They must be up to something!
Sara (McGriff) Bear? Closeup
Sara Gertrude McGriff 1898
Henry and Sara Bear 1915
Isabell, Robert and Charles 1911
Robert and Ruth Bear family 40th anniversary - back Dr Bob, David Ames, Robert Sr, Fred Bickus, Gus Serra with Brenda Brendon, 2nd row Sally Ames, Ruth, Sharon Bickus, Susan Bickus, Nancy Serry, front kids Jennifer Bickus and Mathew Serra with Coco best dog there ever was.